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CWC Accounting Solutions Ltd, trades as CWC Solutions, and is an employment intermediary that since 1999 has specialised in employing freelancers and agency workers, generally where it is not viable for individuals to operate their own limited company.

CWC Solutions manages payments from agencies or other hirers on the same basis as any umbrella company, while focusing on promoting worker rights and providing workers with the best possible service as their employer.

We have applied for membership of the Freelancer and Contractor Service Association, which is an industry trade body that agencies trust.

If you are interested in working with us, please request more information via our registration page or call us on 01268 745808.

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Off-Payroll Working Rules

If it is determined that the Intermediaries’ Legislation, known as IR35, applies to any contract, then contractors are required to process a salary of around 75%-85% of company income, with the balance paying the employer NI contribution on the salary and allowable expenses.

Known as the Off-Payroll Working rules, from April 2020 and where contractors are working for medium to large business, it will be the hirers responsibility to process contract payments under PAYE if it is deemed that IR35 would apply to the contract. The difference is that the hirer pays the employer costs as an addition to the contract payment made to limited company contractors.

Contractors need accountants that specialise in the application of these two legislations, or a specialist umbrella company when it is no longer viable to provide labour or services thorugh their own limited company.

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