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Whether you are looking to switch umbrella companies or are new to this sector, CWC Solutions provides the experience and services you need.

Your pay rate will not be subject to any deduction other than under PAYE, and this will be shown on your initial pay statement and payslip.


Outsourcing your company payroll to CWC Solutions means that your employees are paid quickly and efficiently, allowing you to save money and spend more time on running your business.

We have been providing payroll services to clients across the UK for over twenty years and are experts in this sector.


The type of contract you enter into determines IR35 status and that determines how your company income is taxed.

We provide information and advice on everything from IR35 status determinations to IR35 calculations, while our sister accountancy company provides a full range of accountancy services.


What’s our Why?

We think differently and are all about supporting our clients by sharing our expertise and by providing a
range of specialised services and using our expertise in payroll and employment matters.
Uniquely in this sector, CWC Solutions provides both umbrella company and outsourced payroll services which are carefully tailored to the individual needs of each business, worker or contractor that we work with.

Payroll What's Our Why?

What is an Umbrella Company?

Generally, an agency worker or freelancer chooses an umbrella company when their employment income must be treated under PAYE. CWC Solutions becomes their employer and provides continuity in their tax affairs and employment, meeting all the statutory requirements of an employer.

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Why Payroll Services?

Often, agencies, small companies and individuals do not have access to an internal payroll department, but a well used business tool is the outsourced payroll service, sometimes known as a payroll bureau, which manages all administrative and statutory requirements for a fraction of the cost of setting up a payroll department.

Where workers are not being paid ‘off-payroll’ a comprehensive payroll service is provided rather than an umbrella service, for more information follow the above link.

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Off-Payroll Working Rules

If it is determined that the Intermediaries’ Legislation, known as IR35, applies to any contract, then contractors are required to process a salary of around 75%-85% of company income, with the balance paying the employer NI contribution on the salary and allowable expenses.

Known as the Off-Payroll Working rules, from April 2021 and where contractors are working for medium to large business, it will be the hirers’ responsibility to process contract payments under PAYE if it is deemed that IR35 would apply to the contract.

The hirer is required to pay the employer costs as an addition to the contract payment made to limited company contractors, so contract values may be reduced.

Contractors and hirers need payroll specialists with expertise in the application of these legislations, or a specialist umbrella company when it is no longer viable to provide labour or services through a one man limited company.

CWC Solutions has proven expertise and a range of services to manage the transition to a new way of contracting.

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