When agency workers are subject to a substantial level of control and are guaranteed to be paid for every hour they work, it is generally a requirement that those workers are paid under PAYE. With this brings costs and employer responsibilities, but these can be lessened through payroll outsourcing and/or using umbrella companies.

Our Services

Outsourcing your agency’s payroll to CWC Accounting Solutions saves time and money on setting up and managing an in-house payroll section. While paying workers through our umbrella company service, also reduces the administrative and regulatory burden on your company.

Both services are delivered to our clients quickly, efficiently and confidentially, and are centred on supporting your company; and also the agency workers who choose CWC Accounting Solutions as their umbrella company, which is something we treat as being one of our core functions.

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An umbrella company is an employment intermediary, which exists in the labour supply chain as the employer of temporary workers, and we have nearly 20 years unbroken service and experience in this area. 

We are currently undergoing an audit with the FCSA, the  leading and recognised body for compliance in this sector

The Difference

We strive to tailor our service to meet your agency’s needs and we do this with a flexible attitude and through the range of services provided, and not least a thorough understanding of the temporary labour market and the challenges it poses for agencies.

We pride ourselves on going that extra mile to support agency workers and other individuals who use CWC Solutions as their umbrella company too.

Key Information Document and Payslips

Since the amended Conduct Act came into force, we have provided a Key Information Document (KID) for our agency clients to use, or we can provide a calculation and illustraton of the basic pay a worker will be paid, derived from the assignment rate provided by the agency, to insert into their own template.

Payslips are generated using HMRC approved software and so agency workers receive the same form of payslip whether employed direct by the agency or by CWC Accounting Solutions. There are never grounds for any confusion and the right to a clear pay statement is and always has been maintained by us.

Download an example and more information about our payslips