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The Budget, IR35 and the Loan Charge

The Autumn Budget is going to be published on the 6th November 2019, but will there be any surprises or reprieves in store for contractors? What about people who have been caught under the disguised remuneration rules, who could potentially suffer the biggest tax penalty ever devised by the government – the Loan Charge? Unfortunately,…
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Loan Charge Nightmare.

Nothing can be said of the Loan Charge that hasn’t already been said but I will say one thing. HMRC has admitted that although it was charged by the government to clamp down on the providers of tax avoidance schemes, the department could not ‘break through’ the corporate structure of the loan scheme providers or…
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Loan Charge – Last Chance

If you have received loans in place of earnings in the past and you or your advisor has made contact with HMRC before April 2019, and you’re working to get an agreement in place to repay tax and NI on your loan amounts, you currently have until 31st August to get an agreement finalised. Perhaps…
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