Umbrella Company Service

Our charge for providing an umbrella company to freelancers and agency workers is capped at £15.00 per week or £70.00 per month.

Personal accident insurance and other employee benefit packages can be provided for a small additional charge.


Accountancy fees start at £800 plus VAT for company accounting with a range of services that are tailored to help small business owners to run their business more effectively.

CWC Solutions also provides accountancy services for limited company contractors who are paid under the Off-Payroll Working rules, or who are the operating IR35 rules, and our fees start at £500 plus VAT.

Tax Enquiries

HM Revenue & Customs looking into your tax affairs is an uncomfortable experience that everyone would rather avoid, but if it happens to you, this is what is provided;

Tax Enquiries – identifying what has caused the investigation into your tax affairs.

Assistance – explaining what happens next, your rights as a taxpayer and advising how to minimise your risk.

Extending deadlines – obtaining an extension to the deadline you have been given, if needed.

Accounting – calculating your potential tax debt and working with HMRC on an acceptable resolution.

Time to Pay Arrangements – requesting a tax repayment plan to spread the burden.

The initial consultation fee is free, giving you tailored advice about the type of issue that you are experiencing, and how you should proceed.

For tax issues which have arisen due to the use of an alleged tax avoidance scheme that is being challenged by HMRC, fees start at £1500 plus VAT

For work involving failed tax avoidance schemes, i.e. schemes which have been successfully challenged by HMRC, fees start at £2500 plus VAT.

Fees are capped so that you will know exactly how much representation will cost and for other forms of tax enquiry, a quote will be provided following the initial consultation.